The Exhibition Is Ready

So, after a long day Monday we collaboratively put the exhibition up. It was an interesting process to work alongside Stefan and Sebastian, I certainly learnt a lot as our approaches to curating where different in a lot of small ways. In general we went with the Trier style of hanging exhibitions and hopefully this has given the show a very different feel to that which I would usually put up. At the end of the day, developing ideas and learning new approaches was the goal of the exchange.

As I said before the differences are all very subtle, things like heights of work, gaps between and manner of delivering information, things like numbering the works and having a separate information list. It will be interested to see how this is received  as I think we're all very used to seeing labels in York. As well as myself learning a lot there was also my intern for the project Sean Brattan and Georgia Dearden both student on the Fine Art Course at York St John University. So I would like to thanks them for all their help.

Last of all a big thanks goes out to all who supported the project through the Sponsume link. It was a great success and means we could really deliver a quality exhibition to match the one the York Artists received in Trier in January.

I will leave this post there and with a little preview pic, hope to see everyone down this Thursday 19th July between 6-9pm.

All the best,


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