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The Exhibition Is Ready

So, after a long day Monday we collaboratively put the exhibition up. It was an interesting process to work alongside Stefan and Sebastian, I certainly learnt a lot as our approaches to curating where different in a lot of small ways. In general we went with the Trier style of hanging exhibitions and hopefully this has given the show a very different feel to that which I would usually put up. At the end of the day, developing ideas and learning new approaches was the goal of the exchange.

As I said before the differences are all very subtle, things like heights of work, gaps between and manner of delivering information, things like numbering the works and having a separate information list. It will be interested to see how this is received  as I think we're all very used to seeing labels in York. As well as myself learning a lot there was also my intern for the project Sean Brattan and Georgia Dearden both student on the Fine Art Course at York St John University. So I would like to thanks them for all their help.

Last of all a big thanks goes out to all who supported the project through the Sponsume link. It was a great success and means we could really deliver a quality exhibition to match the one the York Artists received in Trier in January.

I will leave this post there and with a little preview pic, hope to see everyone down this Thursday 19th July between 6-9pm.

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The postcard for the next event has finally gone off to the printers, all is going to plan. In just over a week we will be putting the work up. I can't wait to see it on the walls and ready for everyone else to come and enjoy.

Remember we still need a little help to make this exhibition happen so please have a look at www.sponsume.com


Banner of works by the 8 Trier Artists, an interesting mix and strong use of materials should make for an exciting show. Also have a look at www.sponsume.com and please help us to make the last part of this project a great success.


Gearing up for Trier Artists Exhibition

The next exhibition is fast approaching and there is a lot to do. Keep an eye out here over the next month and keep up to date with all the developments. For the time being visit Junge Kunst Trier website for further details.


Nathan Chenery's work

Now it's time to talk about my own work, just as I was enjoying talking about others. On show this Thursday will be some new works including the one above, 'Through' For anyone who follows my work you will be aware of a growing sense of human presence within the horizons I produce. Now in it's fifth year the 'Horizon Series' is going from strength to strength, drawing me as the Artist in deeper and deeper. Beyond the human there is also now a sense of life in the work with the work 'Flock'.

William Bradley's work

William's works are bright and punchy. Heavily referencing Modernist notions and explicitly demonstrate the history of minimal abstract painting. Names like the one shown above; 'Make It Snappy' give the works a new relevance connecting them to casual and even 'Kitsch' sayings. Bradley gives these names as a way of 'Utilising external reference as a means of creating ‘order’' finishing off by saying the work ''looks to further explore how meaning is produced placing greater importance upon the eye of the spectator, as a means of signification'


Kirsty Boutle's work

This is one of Kirsty's latest works and develops on from what was shown in Trier earlier this year. With a heightened visual language clear forms repeat throughout the three new works which can be seen this Thursday. Kirsty's work is a continuing exploration, it confidently crosses over from drawing to painting and back again. These minimal works show a strong sense of aesthetics that clearly identifies them as Kirsty Boutle originals.



Next Exhibition

Next exhibition featuring the six York Artists will be at Bar Lane Studios.

Opening night is 19th April 2012 6-9pm
Exhibition runs 20th - 29th April 2012

Please e-mail nathanchenery@gmail.com to keep up to date with events.



This is the image used to advertise the first Art Trier: Kunst York over in Trier with the six U.K Artists.

More images from the first event to follow....